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MGSi Product Detail

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MGSi Product Detail

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The MGSi system has been designed, developed and implemented as a suite of workflow and document management software as a service component products, to replace expensive imaging applications and to have My Great Software, Inc. perform the installation, deployment and integration (migration - "My Great") services which capitalize on these document management software components. We boldly claim that we have rendered these expensive applications obsolete.

The MGSi system allows enterprises to organize and manage their electronic documents by grouping together disparate document types that can be easily stored and retrieved, similar to using a binder clip for hardcopy documents that are then stored in a filing cabinet. Unlike paper systems, MGSi allows immediate, controlled and multi-user access to the electronic documents.

Our philosophy is that any electronic document is a corporate resource that should be leveraged for business applications whenever possible. The Web is document-based, so one of the greatest challenges is not in creating documents but in managing them. These documents can take the form of HTML documents, text, multimedia, word processing files, spreadsheets, presentation graphics, electronic mail, and so on. The primary purpose of a document management system is the ability to deal with long-term access to documents. Key features of a document management system include the following:

 • Access control (security)
 • Search facilities (query and filtering capabilities)
 • Backup and archiving
 • Document-change tracking (version control)
 • Integrated workflow capability
 • Imaging
 • Document manufacturing (creating new documents)

The disadvantage for document management systems is that many challenges are not related to technology. Rather, these challenges are related to information resource management and business practices. Enterprises that want to implement workflow and document management systems need to identify the business wide information needs; otherwise, you will be providing just another source of confusion. The MGSi system negates this disadvantage because the MGSi systems does not require the enterprise to change the life-cycle of their business transactions.

Providing tools that ease access to the right information at the right time is also important. After all, any benefits from information availability can be negated immediately if the people in your business spend all their time trying to track down the information.

From a people perspective, issues are generally related to culture and current working practices. They include motivation to share, to use, and to add value to what is there already. Most people have become accustomed to the information push paradigm, in which information is constantly being thrown at them. The Internet and Web is very much a pull paradigm, in which users are expected to go out and get information.

The ability to customize software products is a basic requirement for any future application strategies, particularly since Information Technology functions worldwide are now expected to develop, deploy, and support technology solutions to meet business needs in a timely manner. To have this ability, you need an architecture that is robust, flexible, and responsive to the ever-changing needs of the whole enterprise. MGSi provides this architecture for workflow and document management systems.

What is the MGSi product?

MGSi is a ADO.NET database-driven, HTML 5 knowledge management application for:

 • Document Management
 • Workflow Management
 • Content Management
 • Indexing and categorization of Web, electronic mail, facsimiles, and other electronic documents
 • Document Imaging, Document Scanning and Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
 • Moniker (Hyperlink) Management

Where can the MGSi product be applied?

This is an abbreviated list of the uses for MGSi and the industries that would profit most for using the MGSi product. The flexibility of the MGSi architecture truly limits its use to only the limits of your document management "imagination".

 • Traditional document management and imaging
 • Competitors Web site indexing and annotating
 • Web, LAN and local workstation content management
 • Medical office patient records and insurance forms
 • Legal office client records
 • Problem reporting and tracking
 • Software development process flow and documentation
 • Business re-engineering process flow
 • Web site images categorization
 • Data entry

Who are the potential users of MGSi?

Any business that ...

 • accesses the web
 • uses email
 • has a fax machine
 • has paper documents
 • organizes, stores or files information for historical or archival purposes

What are the Key Benefits

This section summarizes the primary benefits of using MGSi.

 • Cost effectiveness! Low-priced allows small businesses to automate the management of their documents.
 • Web browser based for access from desktops, tablets and mobile devices.
 • Provides for the management of most document types enterprises have now, with the flexible architecture needed for future document types.
 • ADO.NET database-driven architecture that allows enterprises to use their existing database software investment, with the knowledge that they can upgrade their database software and MGSi will still work.
 • Seamless integration of Web, electronic mail, text, spreadsheets, word processing files and image documents which avoids the need for using multiple, independent programs.
 • Complete Document Management capabilities with advanced query and filtering capabilities based on User IDs that allow enterprises to customize MGSi for "power users", novices, and all other skill levels.
 • Workflow Management including "built-in" Document Archival, Workflow Fork/Split (Decision Handling), Workflow Quality Control, and FTP transmission agents that avoids having to purchase additional, probably incompatible products.
 • Document Imaging using any TWAIN-compliant device (scanner, digital cameras, etc.) that allows enterprises to use their existing hardware assets.
 • Complete annotation capabilities of image documents including Web hyperlinks, voice files, "post-it" notes and highlighters that allow familiar paper-based concepts to be applied to electronic documents.
 • MGSi resources (messages, user interface labels, etc.) are "internationalized" which allows for worldwide marketing of MGSi in their native language.

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