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MGSi Software and Hardware Requirements

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MGSi Software Requirements

The following are the system and application software requirements for the MGSi Web product.

MGSi Web Client Software Requirements

Company Product Version Notes
Microsoft Internet Explorer (desktop) 6.x and above  
Mozilla Firefox 3.x and above  
Apple Safari 3.1.x and above  
Apple iOS 4.x and above  
Google Chrome 26.x and above  
Google Android 3.x and above  
RIM BlackBerry 7.1 and above  
Microsoft Internet Explorer (Windows Phone) 7 and above  
  Internet connection   Required

MGSi Light Software Requirements

The MGSi Light version supports each user agent listed above, plus the following.

Company Product Version Notes
Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 and above  
  Internet connection   Required

User agents (browsers) not explicitly listed above (e.g. Opera) are treated as gecko-based user agents.

MGSi Web Server Software Requirements

The MGSi server components are implemented with the .NET Framework version 4,0. If you host the MGSi Web software yourself, the following software is required.

Platform flexibility and scalability is a primary design goal of MGSi. Configuration of your network hardware, network software, mail server, and your SQL Server system software installation are not discussed. Refer to your particular vendor documentation.

Company Product Version Notes
Microsoft Windows
Windows Server 2008 R2 and above
Windows 7 and above
Microsoft Internet Information Server 7.5 and above Required
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and above Required
Microsoft Collaborative Data Objects (CDO) Compliant mail server 1.21 Recommended
Microsoft Fax Server
Windows Server 2008 and above
Windows 7 and above
  Internet connection   Required

MGSi Web Server Hardware Requirements

The MGSi Web system runs on any hardware supported by Microsoft for the .NET Framework version 4.0.

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